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Capsicum/paprika/chilie/peperoni/(bell) pepper

The plant and it's fruits are a synonym for Hungaria. And it is been said that Hungarians have paprika in their blood. Capsicums could have a high capsaicin content like in chilies or none as in bell peppers. They are used dried and ground as a spice and cooked in several stews or stuffed with rice and minced meat or eaten raw. Their high vitamin C content makes them very nutricious and they are used for different medical purpose. I wrote it already in another post that the Hungarian and the Italian cuisine have much in common. And they have many similar dishes. So it is no wonder that I love the Italian cuisine, not only after I've been for eight years together with an Italian guy, no the real reason is that my parents are from Hungaria and I grew up with that taste. My grandmother used to cook a lot of Hungarian dishes even if her own ancestors came from Germany. A few days ago I showed you how I've made marinated eggplants and courgettes. Now I'll show you a simple Italian way to marinate bell peppers as they do it in Piedmont.

Antipasto di pepperoni

Initially I wanted to make double the amount to have one jar on hand. I've already prepared twice the amount of the marinate. But first my kids ate 3 bell peppers right away with a sandwich. And the ones I bought the day after were stolen from apes together with 2 strawberries, a kitchen knife, a bread, something out of our rubbish, and half a leftover cheeseburger which was wrapped in paper and in a bag.

The amount is enough for 4 to 6 persons and you can preserve them in a ml 500 ml jar.


4bell peppers in different colours
1lemon, juice of it
2cloves garlic, peeled and thinly sliced
6 Tbspnative olive oil
freshly ground black peppercorns


Wash the capsicums, cut them in halves and remove the seeds and white parts of it. Lay them on a baking sheet with the cut side downwards and place them under a grill until the skin is dark browned and wizenedly, about 30 minutes.

Place them in a plastic bag and let them cool a bit so you can handle them better and you don't have to peel them burning hot. Skin the peppers and cut them in 3 cm stripes. Season them with salt and pepper.
Combine the lemon juice, garlic, olive oil and the juice from the peppers from the plastic bag.

Marinate the capsicums for at least 1 hour.


At 18 Mai, 2007 02:14, Blogger maci said...

Also die Paprika im Blut kann ich nur bestätigen! ;o)

Paprika mit Knobi in Olivenöl eingelegt ist ein Traum!

Zur Wirkung von Capsaicin: Ich schnitt einmal jede Menge unterschiedliche Paprikasorten für "Lecsó" klein. Darunter auch sehr scharfe Apfelpaprika, sogenannte "Bogyiszloer". Dann hab ich alles mit Händen vermischt, weil ich vor hatte 2 gleiche Portionen zu kochen.
In den folgenden 2 Tagen bekam ich vor Schmerzen kein Auge zu, meine Haut brannte höllisch, und ich fand einfach keine Linderung. Es war unbeschreiblich qualvoll!

At 18 Mai, 2007 08:14, Blogger Brigitte said...

Oje! Ich muss nur immer aufpassen, dass ich wenn ich vor allem die kleinen bird eye chilies verwende mir nicht mit den Fingern ins Auge fasse. Und wenn ich grüne Chilischoten aufschneide muss ich immer Husten.


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