Freitag, Mai 18, 2007

Does My Blog Look Good In This? Edition May 07

For this event you don't need to cook, not even a recipe is required for it. Only the photographs taken from your food count. This mounth I have to go through my April posts and try to find an adequate picture. Not an easy task for me. I'm still not really firm in using my new camera and none of the conditions as mentioned in my former entries for DMBLGIT have changed. I've neither any additional equipment (no light, no tripod, no special lenses, no umbrella,...) nor can I change the early sunset and heavy tropical rainshowers during some days in Singapore. And it seems to me as if the designer of the house we rent has not even thought that anybody will ever need bright light in this house here are only some dim-light spots in the 3.4m high ceeling. Just as little as this kitchen here is absolutely not made for cooking in. Anyway I think I've found one pic I could sent to Scott from Real Epicurian who is hosting this event for the month of May. And as he mentioned: "Remember the idea is to play the game, not to win. Honest!".

I'm playing this game with my picture of fish'n chips


At 25 Mai, 2007 06:51, Blogger Scott at Real Epicurean said...

Beautiful. I had fish and chips this evening, but not so pretty like this!


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