Montag, März 19, 2007

Does my blog look good in this?!?

For the month of February this Question is asked from Chronicles in Culinary Curiosity. Last month I can't present good looking pictures yet. But most of my February post-pics are already shot with my new camera a Canon PowerShot S3 IS with 6.0 mega pixels. I haven't read the instructions of it so I try to get used to it by "playing around". Hence don't expect professional looking photographs. Why - not only that I have just a little time to make my pictures - we don't want to eat the dishes cold. And we used to eat in the evening after 7 pm which means, for Singapore, after sunset. This causes dim light and particularly darkness. Additionally the wheater condition (always about 30 °C and 90% humidity) exact it's toll. Maybe I should consider to buy a PC-programm to overdo them referring to sharpness, depth, brightness, backround, and so on..., another lens and a tripod. (Hello dear husband!!! As you know my birthday is just around the corner. Only one day before I have to sent my picture for the contest.)

My first choice from my February posts felt on these pics:

Amongst those pictures 4 left to choose from:

I decided to take part with that:


Could anybody help me to make a final decision?

Nachtrag vom 22.03.2007:

It seems to me as almost nobody has read my post. (Even if I know some folks especially in Singapore checking my blog regularly and even cooking or baking some of my presented recipes.)
My hubby and my kids favourite different pics.
And I love the photograph with the "sharp" pepperoncino.
But the picture of those simple yet delicious Thai nibbles seems to be a clean and clear composition suitable for this dish. And it looks a bit funny like a "Thai merrygoround". So as one comment suggested I sent this as my entry for the mentioned event.


At 19 März, 2007 12:54, Anonymous Anonym said...

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At 22 März, 2007 04:23, Anonymous Anonym said...

I would probably choose the picture on the left. No easy choice!


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