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Hay, hay it's Donna day #12 - ceasar salad

Katie has won the last hhdd mousse event. Now she's hosting the current 12th Hay, hay it's Donna Day which initially created from Barbara. Katie has chosen that Roman imperator, Caesar. No, not as her husband and no, not something with a bay-wreath, or any other laurel related stuff. No, she wants us to make something with the "regular" ingredients of a ceasars salad. First I thought: "Urgh, caesar salad." I love salad and I really often make salads in so many variations but NO caesar salad. I simply don't like it. Then I though. "Okay, that will be a challenge." I've made already Marshmellows even if we don't like them. I fell tempted by the possibility to try and to modify a recipe to our palate. And this was the reason why I decided to that this opportunity and to make a caesar salad. So here is my contriution for the 12th HHDD event.

Insalata dell'imperatore

Caesar salad made with baby romaine, pancetta, and truffles with anchovy-mayonnaise in parmesan baskets, and chiabatta-sticks

The recipes will be enough for 5 persons.

Ingredients for the dressing:

2egg yolks, beaten
2small garlic cloves, chushed
¼ tspmustard powder
2 tspanchovy/whitebait paste
¼ tspfreshly ground white peppercorns
¼ tspmapple syrup
4 Tbsp or 50 g truffle oil


Whisk the ingredients together without the oil. When well combined add the oil gradfually whisking vigourosely.

Ingredients for the salad:

250 gbaby romaine
2summer truffles
25slices pancetta


Trim, wash and spin dry the salad leaves.
Slice the truffles in thin slices.
Heat a pan over high heat and crisp-fry the pancetta in it. (Fry the pancetta right before serving.)

Ingredients for the parmesan baskets:

350 gparmesan, finely grated


Heat a frying pan over medium-high heat. Lay the bottom of it evenly out with about 4 tablespoons parmesan to a round shape. Let fry until just browned. Loose the edges with a spatula and put the parmasan-"pancake" over a small bown to form a basket. Let cool. Repeat 4 times. If you have some leftover parmesan make some "coins" and serve them additionaly.
Pour the oil from the cheese in a bowl and keep it for frying the chiabatta sticks.

Ingredinets for the chiabatta-sticks:

1chiabatta, cut in 1,5 cm sticks each about 8 cm long
Oil from the parmesan baskets
8 to 14tablespoons olive oil


Heat the frying pan again over medium-high to high heat with 1 tablespoon olive oil and a bit of the oil from the cheese. Fry about 10 sticks from each side until brown and crispy adding 1 tablespoon olive oil after two turns. Toast the remaining bread in the same manner.

Ingredients for the poached egg:

2 lwater
3 Tbspwhite wine vinegar
1pinch Himalyan salt (alternatevly fleur de sel or sea salt flakes) per egg


Bring the water and vinegar to a boil. Open 1 egg into a small bowl and let it slip into the water at that point where the water is boiling. Poach for 1½ to 2 minutes. Remove with a slotted spoon, sprinkle with salt and serve them imediately.

Final assembly:

In a bowl or plate arrange the salad, pancetta and truffel slices in the parmesan-baskets. Lay the poached egg on top and drizzle with the dressing. Serve the bread sticks aside.


At 05 Juni, 2007 12:41, Blogger Barbara said...

What a wonderful entry Brigitte. I love it. Thanks for joining HHDD.


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