Samstag, Juni 09, 2007


To all of you.

I havent't found enough time to write a new post since a few days. I'm simply to busy - spring cleaning the house, beeing invited and shopping tours at the annual GSS (great Singapore sale - and I am bit burnt out, always being in rush to shopping, cooking and cleaning. And I don't know why, but our internet connection is slow as a tortoise and that often interrupted that it tooks me almost more time to publish a post than to prepare a dinner.

But I assure you I'll post again something delicious in the next few days. Maybe Monday or Tuesday.
Hope you keep visiting my blog. And by the way - feel free to leave me a comment.



At 10 Juni, 2007 12:44, Anonymous lamiacucina said...

Nur nicht hetzen bei der Hitze. Wir warten auch wenns Dienstag oder noch später werden sollte.

At 10 Juni, 2007 19:29, Blogger Brigitte said...

Pfuh,...da bin ich aber froh ;-)

At 12 Juni, 2007 17:40, Anonymous Anonym said...

"Ein Unglueck kommt selten allein" - means: one misfortune comes seldom alone - Not only that there are so many tiny spiders and ants in some drawers and cupboards, no I found almost everywhere again mould growing. I think it'll take me a while to clean and maintain everything. But to most worst thing is, I can't boot my laptop it seems as if it can't find an access to my hard disk drive :-(((

So it'll take a while until I can post again.

At 12 Juni, 2007 18:24, Anonymous kulinaria katastrophalia said...

Die Einkäufe sind ja auch nicht unwichtig ;-) und dann gibt es ja wieder was zu sehen :-)

At 12 Juni, 2007 18:29, Blogger Big Boys Kitchen said...

I am sure will be VERY patient to wait! :)

At 12 Juni, 2007 19:49, Anonymous Ute said...

Hallo Brigitte,

dann nutze ich "Anonym-Dauer-Leserin" Deine Pause doch mal um Dich zu grüssen und Dir ein riesen Lob für den Blog zu schicken. Ich schaue regelmässig hier rein und freue mich immer über neue Beiträge von Dir :o) Leider laden bei mir die Bilder immer sehr schlecht *seufz*

Viele Grüsse nach Singapore und viel Spass beim Shoppen :o)


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