Montag, Februar 12, 2007

Does my blog look good in this?

This question is asked from Fancy Toast. An event hosted from some famous foodblogger in 2006.
You should choose a "delicous" photograph from your January posts.

Since I haven't had a good camera almost every taken photo is not worth to be mentioned. But in January I could annul one thing from my wishlist on the sidebar - a camera.
Finally I have a new one, a Canon PowerShot S3 IS with 6.0 mega pixels. I still have to familiarize myself with it, but my pictures are much better than those I've taken with my old camera which zoom function was out of order.
Even if I'd like to take more effort into the cooking itself as in how it looks. Maybe I should consider to make more good looking pictures with the right lightning, the right surrounding, the right table settings, ... But it will be difficult with 4 "house mates" yelling every ten minutes : "When do we eat?". And with my aim of making complete, tasty meals without using anything "ready made", I find hardly time during the preparation, cooking and baking to think about a "professional" looking presentation.

So here I am scrolling up and down my entries from January 2007, looking for a picture worth to be showcased again and which may can compete with all those "good looking", "cute", "handsome", "attractive", "appetisingly photographed" pics taken from other foodies. (Some of them are even professional photographers and it seems to me that almost everybody has a better photo equipment and is more experienced
than I.)

Despite those facts I think I 've found three posts with adequate pictures.

  1. My more than sinful chocolate tear with mango, ginger and cinnamon custard:

  2. This tasty, healthy salad:

  3. My prawn salad with banana bud which was more than delicious:

I choose No. 3
for two simple reasons: This was one of our best dishes we had regarding January 2007, and it is a modern version of a local Singaporean Nonya dish.


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