Donnerstag, Juni 21, 2007

Tropical island

I'm sure most of you are dreaming of an idyllic tropical island. I love the tropics as well but it seems to me as if I have to sacrify a lot to live here. I don't want to mention any personal and private things and whom and what I've left in Germany. No, I just want to show you why (beside the fact, that my hard disk drive has crashed and I can't use my laptop, which means I have no www-access) I can't post any culinary stuff since a while.
I started out to my quarterly spring cleaning - yes quarterly. We have only one season: Summer, and to clean everything thoroughly more than only once a year is really neccessary. Okay I started my quarterly spring cleaning:
  • Going through old magazines, folders, warranties, lipsticks, and declutter each and every drawer, cupboard, magazin holder,... all the things I stored, collected and stapled.
  • Whip out everything and clean it from not only from the outside and above as usual but from the inside, back and underneath.
  • Wash and clean everything stored in cubboards, drawers, boxes,...
  • Check the expiry dates of medicines, cooking and baking ingredients and store them in their cleaned containers.
  • ......
All that stuff you have to do from time to time. And whilst I'm doing this everything reminds me why I love the tropics:

I love the greenery - really!

But I prefer our balcony white.

I love all of those exotic animals

except those crawling around in the house and leaving me "messages".

I like those cute monkeys, I love to play hide and seek with some smaller animals.

Especially those tiny, tiny (and often some in a "normal" size) ones with eight arms who love to hide themselves in the drawers and in the edges of the shelves I recently cleaned "for them". And who are helping me to decorate the freshly with a toothbrush cleaned feets of my buddha, the lamps, my kitchen tools, almost every thoroughly cleaned spice mill and jar, and many other things in reward.

- but definetly not the bird spider we once found in our sink.

I'm already thinking about starting my own business growing some mushrooms. Not only inside of picture frames "under glass", behind our bed, in drawers, underneath the steps and even on the recently cleaned additional cutlery, and pans, my adored Riedel glasses, maybe even in boxes, and along the wall behind our bookshelves, or just on any other surface. For sure soon I could have my own plantation here thanks to the humidity and the "nice presents" those cute lizzards, geckos, cockroaches and sometimes rats are leaving behind to provide a breeding ground and to accelerate the growing process.

Those "transit" walls in this house will help me in this case as well as the almost primevally tropical "cots-feeling" when the rain comes through the ceiling.

I adore to life in a region free of airpolution (I have no clue where are those "black" curtains, doorframes, doors, and walls are coming from even on a place where nobody is passing by and could have left a fingerprint or something like that, why each and every surface is dirty right two days after I whiped away the dust and cleaned them, and the dust is so dark and greasy.)

Though that even stainless steel items (even though I often treat them with cleaner and polish) get rusty stains is one of the view negative things I have to accept since I'm enjoying my tropical island life.

And isn't it good to know that service is pretty cheap in Singapore and I could get my nails "restored" during a manicure if only I could find same time. Maybe even in spite of the fact that some of them start to have that nail disease called onchylosis semicularis from all those chemicals I have to use and from my always wet fingers.

I know there will be some things others, with a domestic worker doing their homework, will not even notice. And I'm not sure if their maids will treat for example the moss and mould right or just whip them "away" (into the cloth and spread them over the surface) and if they check each and everything from each and every angle.

I hope to be back on posting something delicious in the next two weeks. Hope you'll come back and visit my blog.


At 24 Juni, 2007 12:59, Anonymous lamiacucina said...

Da freu ich mich ja direkt, dass wir hier einen kühlen Juni erleben dürfen. Immerhin sind Deine Riedelgläser kopfüber aufgehängt und rosten tun sie auch nicht.

At 03 Juli, 2007 12:58, Blogger Elena said...

You sound depressed! Hope you feel better soon! *Bug Hugs!*

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